New asset_width and asset_height attributes in <v:text> February 11, 2009

You may have noticed that images and video can now be directly embedded in Rich Text areas on Vae. We have added 2 attributes to <v:text> to help you customize how these images and video are rendered:

asset_height - if this is a rich text field with embedded assets such as video or images, setting this attribute will scale these assets to be no bigger than this many pixels high.
asset_width - similar to asset_height, but for width.

More information here:

Change to the way error pages are edited January 24, 2009

We have changed the way that your sites' error pages (for example, 404 Error) can be edited. For all newly created sites, these will be stored in a folder called error_pages in your FTP root. You can edit them directly.

We did not make the change retroactive, because we do not want to break any of your existing sites. IF you have an older Vae site and need to edit your error pages, send us an E-Mail and we'll update your site to use the new structure.

New Feature: Browse Associations like Collections January 23, 2009

A big drawback to Vae has always been that Associations were not able to be browsed in reverse. That is, let's say you have a collection called Properties that contains an association to another collection called Agents. It'd be nice to be able to click on Agents and then see a list of the properties that belong to just that one agent.

Now, we have built it out so that you can indeed do that. It doesn't make sense in all situations, so you must enable it for each association by specifying a name for the Reverse Association in the Site tab.

Let us know if you have any suggestions!

New VaeML tag: <v:php> January 02, 2009

Want to use PHP integration but don't want to give up the VaeML looping constructs inside <v:collection>? Now you can do both, together. The new <v:php> tag will execute PHP code inside the VaeML interpreter.

Simply put PHP code inside <v:php> tags and that code will run inside that VaeML context. If it is inside a collection, it will run once for every collection element. The PHP variable $context will be set to the current context.

For more information:

Launch: Vae Search December 26, 2008

Managing a huge site with Vae? Now you can search all your content, any time.

Just highlight your mouse over the new Search tab in the top right and you can search any of your content. This feature has been added to all Vae sites. You don't have to do anything to activate it.

Please send any comments or questions to support.

Fix: Flash 10 compatibility issues solved in Vae interface December 05, 2008

As some of you know, Adobe's rollout of Flash 10 has broken a lot of websites that rely on Flash-based uploading tools, including Flickr, Wordpress, Yahoo, and more. Clicking the button to upload an image or file would simply not work.

We just pushed a fix that should resolve these issues in the Vae interface. Please let us know if you experience any other Flash 10-related problems.

Thanks for your patience.

New Feature: Associations can now associate with multiple collections November 18, 2008

Scenario: On your website, you are featuring content on the homepage that has a full write-up in an inner page. You'd like to "tag" the homepage content by creating an association item that lets your clients select which inside page the Homepage should link to. However, the homepage might link to a number of different types of content inside your website.

The Problem used to be: Associations could only be associated with a single collection, so it was necessary to create multiple associations -- one for each potential type of content. This was not an ideal solution.

Solution: Associations can now include as many collections as you would like. Simply select the additional collections from the dropdown menu and build an association that fits your exact needs.

This will be especially powerful when we release our new Permalinking features next week that will allow you to completely control how each Structure is Permalinked.